Karen Hobbis

Kinesiologist, Remedial Massage Therapist and NutureLife Pregnancy Massage Practitioner


I received my Diploma of Remedial Massage over 12 years ago, having taken some time off from my tax advisory role to have my first son. I originally studied massage with the intention to help family and friends, but soon realised that massage therapy was my calling. Since that time I have helped many clients to overcome pain and dysfunction through extensive remedial techniques that I have added to my toolbox over the years.

Wanting to help my clients delve even deeper into their underlying health conditions that couldn’t be fixed with a massage, and to find a solution to my own health issues, I discovered Kinesiology. Since 2021, I have been using kinesiology with my clients to find why the pain in their body keeps returning to the same area, as well as treating a myriad of other underlying health issues from depression and anxiety to unrestorative sleep and poor digestion.

I am constantly learning and studying to add even more tools to be able to help my clients, friends and family, to live healthy and happy lives. I look forward to meeting you too to see what we can achieve together.


Dynamic Kinesiology Practitioner
Diploma in Remedial Massage
NurtureLife® Pregnancy Massage Practitioner (Diploma in Pregnancy Massage)
Diploma of Acupressure
Reiki Master
Myofascial Cupping (Level 1)
Craniosacral Release (Level 1)
Certificate in Manual Lymphatic Drainage (Level 1)
Certificate in Pre & Postnatal Exercise
Certificate in Nutrition for Fertility, Pregnancy and Lactation
Yoga Teacher (Level 1)
First Aid
ATMS Fellow Member
AKA Kinesiology Intermediate Practitioner (Level 4)
D-Codes Level 1 Practitioner

Remedial Massage Pregnancy Massage

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