Relaxation Massage First Massage

Thinking about having your first massage ever?

Thinking about getting your first massage ever? You might be wondering what it will be like, and you may even be a little worried. A little pre-massage anxiety is normal for your first time, but it’s not necessary 🙂 Here’s how it will go:

When you arrive, you’ll be given a brief health questionnaire to fill out in the lobby. It’s nothing too invasive, and it’s mostly to find out if there’s anything I should be aware of, like current injuries. Once that’s done, I’ll show you to my treatment room where we’ll have a conversation about your goals and your body. This isn’t a test that you have to prepare for in advance, and there are no wrong answers.

Before we begin, I’ll take you through the basics. I’ll tell you how to lay on the table (you’ll usually start face down, under the top towel or sheet) and we’ll have a discussion about how undressed to get, and that depends on the type of massage you require (acupressure or reflexology can be done fully clothed, while a remedial back massage or fully body massage will require you to undress down to your undies). Rest assured that you’ll always be securely draped. I’ll only uncover the areas that I’ll be working on, and everything else will remain covered and out of sight.

Once you’re on the table, what do you need to do? You basically have one job: If something hurts, or if you’re uncomfortable, I’d like for you to let me know. Don’t assume that anything is “supposed to hurt,” or that “she knows best, I’m probably supposed to be this cold.” No, please speak up! I may be the expert on massage, but you’re the expert on your own body. If something doesn’t feel quite right, I want you to trust your instincts and flag me down. The first few massages are a process of us learning about one another, and my intuition can only take me so far.

Other than that, feel free to relax. You don’t need to help me when I move one of your limbs—be a limp noodle and let me do the work. You don’t need to keep your arms in any particular place, or do anything other than melt into the table. Don’t feel like you need to make small talk either (even if I’m being chatty – don’t worry, I can quickly tell when you really would rather just relax). I’d like you to really experience the massage. If that means talking or asking questions, please do. If that means being quiet and introspective, that’s great too.

One last thing: I don’t care about your leg hair. Don’t worry about stubble, or cellulite, or the noises your abdomen makes during the massage (this is normal, by the way—part of the relaxation response). I’ve worked on hundreds of people, and there is nothing wrong with being fully human on my table. If you think that your body is flawed in some way, rest assured that I thoroughly disagree with you.

After the massage, my main goal is to let you float on out. I may ask about any areas of pain that you had mentioned, and I may have a stretch to offer you. Other than that, I’ll be collecting my fee, asking if you’d like to schedule your next appointment (optional!), and seeing you on your way.

Thanks for reading, and feel free to share with any friends who might be thinking about their first massage! If you are interested in making a booking, you can contact me or book online now.