Reiki is a healing technique where ‘life force energy’ is channelled into your body to activate the natural healing processes of the body and restore physical and emotional well-being. Life-force energy is channelled through the therapist and into the client to clear any blockages that may exist in the flow of energy throughout the body. These blockages may be causing pain, disfunction or illness to exist within the body.

Pamela Miles, author of Reiki: A Comprehensive Guide and leading US exponent on the integration of Reiki into mainstream healthcare facilities, writes:

“… studies that have been done so far have showed promising results for using Reiki to reduce stress, anxiety and pain. The data include objective measures (decreased stress hormones, improved immune indicators, decreased heart rate and improved blood pressure) as well as subjective improvements in anxiety and pain.”

The therapist may follow a set pattern of hand placements over the body, or may be led by intuition to where the treatment is needed the most. Reiki can be performed as a stand-alone treatment, or can be incorporated into other massage treatments. As a stand-alone treatment it can be performed fully-clothed, without the use of oil, and may even be used without physically touching the client’s body (hands may hover over the body, sending energy via the clients energetic field).

In my practice I have used Reiki to assist those with headaches, stress and anxiety, chronic pain and other dysfunctions within the body that cannot be assisted by conventional massage. Clients report feeling a deep sense of peace and relaxation during and after the treatment.

It also combines extremely well with Acupressure treatments, as both modalities focus on improving the flow of life force energy (or Qi) throughout the body.

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