Animal Kinesiology

animal kinesiology

Animal Kinesiology

Our pets can also benefit from a kinesiology session. They show us unconditional love to the point that they often absorb and remove stress from their owners, and take it on themselves. They can mirror the emotions, behaviours, reactions and energy of their owners, or perhaps they may have experienced trauma or abuse before they became part of your family. If they can’t discharge this negative energy it can cause emotional stress, physical symptoms, unusual behaviours and disease within their bodies.

Kinesiology can allow us to tap into their bodies and find out exactly what they need in order to clear this stress and allow them to return to their true nature of pure unconditional love.

The bonus is, that animals do not have the same level of emotional stress or conditioning, so they can respond very quickly with fewer sessions required.

What can kinesiology help?

The list is endless, but kinesiology can help with:

  • excessive barking,
  • pulling on the lead,
  • anti-social behaviour,
  • anxiety,
  • depression,
  • excessive clinginess,
  • fussy eating,
  • digestive issues,
  • and many more.

How does a session work?

Kinesiology can be performed through a surrogate, so the majority of my sessions are done on the owner themselves, rather than having the animal come to the session. You just need to bring in a photo of your furry friend. In some cases, it may be helpful to bring your pet to the session, or for me to attend your home. Pricing for home visits will be negotiated based on travel time required.

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